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Hello! I'm Brad.

I convert ideas into working software.

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Brad Jolicoeur has 20+ years of experience as a full-stack developer who has designed and implemented custom software solutions for enterprises and packaged software as a service offerings. Throughout Brad's career he has paired his strong technical background with a passion for helping software development teams work well through Lean Software Development methodologies. Some enterprises of note that Brad has implemented solutions for include ARI, Aramark, Comcast and the National Football League (NFL).

Recent Blog Articles

My Favorite NServiceBus Features - Message Encryption

Brad Jolicoeur - 10/03/2020
Property encryption is one of my favorite NServiceBus features in that it provides a pattern for implementing message encryption as well as providing a concrete basis for addressing the concerns of compliance and security teams. Additionally, once your endpoint conventions are configured, it is easy to live with since it gets implemented only where necessary and in a consistent way.
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My Favorite NServiceBus Features - Transports

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/19/2020
One of the foundational features of NServiceBus is the support of multiple queuing technologies known in NServiceBus parlance as a Transport. NServiceBus transports encapsulate the logic required to connect to their respective queue technologies to produce and consume messages.
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My Favorite NServiceBus Features - Testing

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/10/2020
Testing is one of the more challenging aspects of message based systems and is probably one of the top reasons it is common to see http endpoints instead of messaging in microservices.
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My Favorite NServiceBus Features - Message Headers

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/05/2020
There are a number of subtle but important aspects of message based systems that are not apparent until after you have started building one and running it in production. One of those aspects is message headers. NServiceBus message headers contain metadata about each message that will help you correlate, route and trace the history of a message in your system.
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